Cosmetic Mole Removal

Although moles are often harmless, there are many reasons why a person may choose to have a mole removed. Moles can be removed for cosmetic reasons, whether due to their size, location, or general appearance. If you are interested in having cosmetic mole removal, inquire at aliangé or book a consultation.

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How cosmetic mole removal works

Cosmetic mole removal deals with benign (non-cancerous) skin lesions. A mole may not be a medical concern, but it may be bothersome for other reasons, leading a person to want it removed. For example, a person may be concerned about the position of their benign lesion, which may make them uncomfortable or self-conscious. Additionally, some people may be concerned that their mole will become cancerous over time. Whatever the reason for seeking cosmetic mole removal, Dr Alison Jamieson and her team will develop a plan that works best for you and your circumstances.

Cosmetic mole removal can be done via a number of techniques, such as excision (cutting it out), shave excision (shaving it off at the surface), or laser ablation (burning it off). The method chosen will depend on the size, location, and type of the mole. Afterwards, recovery is typically minimal, and you will need to follow your clinician’s instructions on how to aid the healing process.

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Your consultation

A consultation will be necessary prior to cosmetic mole removal in order to establish the nature of your lesion and how best to treat it. During your meeting with us, we will examine your mole and discuss your reasons for wanting to have it removed. We will assess the size, colour, location, and texture, as well as other factors such as symmetry and border.

After evaluating the mole, we will discuss the different removal options with you and recommend the best option based on your individual needs and the characteristics of the mole. We will also inform you of any potential risks or complications associated with the procedure and answer any questions you may have.

The benefits of cosmetic mole removal

There are many benefits to cosmetic mole removal, depending on the person and their reasons for removal. You can discuss the benefits of mole removal in your particular case with our friendly team at aliangé. Generally, the removal of a benign skin lesion offers patients:

  • Improved appearance, making the skin look smoother and more even
  • Reduced risk of skin cancer if the mole is found to be potentially cancerous
  • Reduced irritation if the mole is in an uncomfortable location
  • Improved self-esteem and overall self-image

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No matter the treatment or procedure you are seeking, it is important to always choose a professional practitioner. A skilled and experienced clinician will ensure your treatment is customised specifically for you and your health, condition, and desired results. At aliangé, we understand that each patient has their own reasons for seeking treatment and aim to provide the utmost care and guidance to help each individual on their journey.

If you are interested in cosmetic mole removal, contact the clinic or book a consultation.

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