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The Gold Facial

A luxury results-driven 45 minute facial prescription infusing the powers of acids, enzymes, peptides and stem cells with 24-carat gold and crushed pearl peel-off mask to naturally illuminate and rejuvenate skin, locking in moisture and keeping skin firm by maintaining collagen and inhibiting the breakdown of elastin.

The Gold Lumino Facial

The most in demand prescription, The Gold Facial with the extra benefit of LED light, including a relaxing hand and foot massage.

The Probiotic Purifying Facial

Protecting from pathogens this facial calms acne and rosacea, soothing and repairing at a cellular level, whilst detoxing and decongesting the skin.

The Anti-Pollutant Facial

Restoring immunity this antioxidant-rich classic facial is the ultimate defence against the effects of sun, pollution, and harsh climate on skin.

Hydrabrasion & Microdermabrasion

This face treatment works on reducing dead skin cell build-up with a mechanical exfoliation with a fine mist of micro crystals or diamond and water incorporated head piece with suction to smooth and polish the skin’s surface.

Vitamin A Peel

A prescription level peel promoting regeneration of skin, to improve signs of aging, sun damage, pore size, oil flow, acne and congestion.

MesoGold Therapy

Utilising 24-carat gold nano needles to stimulate and regenerate collagen induction while infusing a cocktail of hyaluronic acid, stem cells and peptides without downtime.

Skin Needling

Using micro-needling to create a controlled induction of the skin’s natural self-repair process by triggering the release of growth factors for the production of new collagen and elastin.

Jessner Peel

A medical level peel for pigmented, congested and acne skin control.

TCA Peel

For the treatment of xanthelasma (fatty deposits which can appear around the eye area). It can also be used as spot treatment of limited areas such as around the mouth or eyes, or as a full face peel to improve the overall health and appearance of sun damage and aging.

Add on to your facial

Eyebrow shape $25
Eyebrow tint $20
Eyelash tint $25
Luminous Eyes $60 – (includes eyebrow shape, tint and eyelash tint)

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