Dual Yellow, Copper Bromide Laser

The Dual Yellow Laser is a non-invasive copper bromide laser that effectively and efficiently treats a wide range of skin concerns. With clinically proven effects, this treatment offers quality skin rejuvenation for both men and women. Enquire or book your consultation today to find out more about the Dual Yellow copper bromide laser.

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How the Dual Yellow Laser works

The Dual Yellow laser is a highly precise cosmetic device that delivers wavelengths of light into the skin via a copper bromide laser beam. It produces two wavelengths, green and yellow, which work together to target specific skin issues in areas of concern. These wavelengths of light energy are absorbed into the skin, where they are converted into heat energy. This process, with the Dual Yellow Laser, offers the advantages of both gentleness and precision, for the effective treatment of pigmentations, redness, and other blemishes.

The dual laser has a twofold effect: the yellow light targets blood vessels and redness, and the green targets the skin’s melanin to remove pigmentations such as sun spots. This is achieved without damage to the surrounding skin. Additionally, the device stimulates the collagen production process to help the skin heal and regenerate more quickly. This means patients can enjoy the effects of a quality skin treatment with minimal recovery time.

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Your consultation

A consultation is required before your Dual Yellow Laser treatment in order to determine if the treatment is right for you and your skin. We will discuss your skin concerns, health and well-being, and your desires for the outcomes of the treatment. This will help us decide on a plan that compliments your needs and goals. We will also explain how to properly care for your treatment area afterwards.

The benefits

The Dual Yellow Laser is both precise and gentle, meaning it can be used on sensitive areas such as beneath the eyes. Due to its ability to treat both pigmented and vascular lesions, this copper bromide laser is considered highly versatile, treating a number of skin conditions, such as:

  • Rosacea and redness
  • Acne
  • Dark circles
  • Veins and capillaries
  • Melasma
  • Sun damage
  • Loose or lax skin
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Skin tags and other benign lesions

The procedure also has the advantage of proven effectiveness with very little downtime, leading to a high rate of patient satisfaction.

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