PDT stands for photodynamic therapy. It is a widely trusted treatment used to target sun damage and early skin cancers, helping restore healthy skin. If you are concerned about an irregular or abnormal area of skin, book your consultation or inquire today at aliangé to find out if PDT is a good option for you.

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How PDT works

Photodynamic therapy is a medical treatment that uses light and a photosensitizing agent to destroy cancerous or abnormal cells. It involves the use of light-sensitive medicine combined with light therapy, which targets abnormal cells in a certain area.

PDT involves a two-step process. First, the photosensitizing agent is administered to the patient, which accumulates in the target cells. Then, the agent reacts with light, generating reactive oxygen species that damage or destroy the cells. Following the procedure, it will take between two and six weeks for the area to fully heal, leaving you with healthier skin. Dr Alison Jamieson will advise you further on the aftercare process and how to encourage a good final result.

PDT can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including skin cancer, acne, and sun damage. Since this treatment approach does not require invasive methods, it is often a favoured method of early skin cancer treatment.

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Your consultation

You will need to have an initial consultation with us in order to determine whether you will benefit from PDT. Good candidates for the treatment are often people who have superficial skin lesions, such as actinic keratoses or basal cell carcinomas. The procedure can also treat other skin concerns and infections, like acne.

Due to the personalised nature of the treatment, Dr Alison Jamieson will need to discuss your health and well-being with you beforehand. Once we have identified the issue to be treated, and determined that you are a good candidate, we can proceed with your photodynamic therapy.

The benefits of PDT

Compared to other forms of medical treatment, PDT offers many benefits. The exact benefits will depend on the issues being treated and the individual patient. The procedure is:

  • Minimally invasive and does not require surgery, which means there is no scarring involved
  • A localised treatment, specifically targeting the problematic cells and minimising harm to the surrounding tissues
  • Associated with a shorter recovery time than other methods, making it a convenient option
  • Proven to be effective and repeatable, which means it can be done multiple times to achieve the desired result

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No matter the treatment or procedure you are seeking, it is important to always choose a professional practitioner. A skilled and experienced clinician will ensure your treatment is customised specifically for you and your health, condition, and desired results. At aliangé, we understand that each patient has their own reasons for seeking treatment and aim to provide the utmost care and guidance to help each individual on their journey.

If you are interested in PDT treatments, contact the clinic or book a consultation.

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