Senior Paramedical Therapist

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For over 20 years Richelle has worked in the beauty and cosmetic industry and there probably isn’t a skin concern she hasn’t seen.

Having experienced problematic skin in her teens and adult life, Richelle has a passion for helping people experiencing acne or who may be suffering from other skin conditions. Because of her own experiences, Richelle is kind and understanding and will work with a patient to bring about improvements in their skin as holistically and as comfortably as is possible.

She is highly experienced in treating conditions such as pigmentation, sun damage and rosacea and understands that ageing skin also requires its own program that will help restore elasticity and a youthful appearance.

Richelle believes her skills are as finely honed as they are as a result of working with and being mentored by Dr Alison Jamieson for over ten years. Dr Alison Jamieson encouraged her to up skill and gain as much knowledge as she could about the industry and its practices and this has meant that Richelle has been able to achieve more effective skin health results in some skin conditions for patients that can be very difficult to treat.

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